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Insyst Labs is pioneering research-driven product development and service offering brand,
and the solutions are in use and implementation across different verticals and horizontals.
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Edu- tech

The world is rapidly adapting to the changing trends in this era and switching from traditional means to e-learning for a better scope. We have been proffering the best-in-class educational technology e-learning solutions such as learning management, hybrid assessment, e-learning videos, and content authoring tools, web conferencing, etc. The easy access to the internet led to a quick increase in numbers of e-learners these days, and there are many advantages of technology playing an essential role in education. All the e-learning and edu-tech services are focused on carrying out a more efficient means of learning useful for all, be it a student or a teacher or a professional. Our Edu-tech solutions are as below...

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Customized ERP solutions

A customized ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning software can add strategic value to your business. It can assist in streamlining processes efficiently across procurement, manufacturing, sales, services, finance, and HR management. A highly useful tool that brings so many advantages - the ERP system and solution can be tailored depending on the specific business requirements. As one of the top-notch ERP solution providers, our scalable, cloud-based, integrated ERP system can function well in all critical business applications and automation of operational processes...

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Business analytics

We help organizations in addressing their most significant challenges with the respective analytics solutions unleashing the potential in all forms of data, be it internal, external, structured, voice, unstructured or visual. Unleashing the transformative strength and power of both cloud and cognitive, we deliver hidden patterns, insights, and truths that change the way how you make decisions and certainly capture growth. Our business analytics addresses varied predictive modeling techniques, including anomaly detection, system identification, time series analysis, feature selection, etc...

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Machine learning / AI

In this digital age of connected devices, intelligent operations, and great user experiences driven by customization are unleashing new opportunities for any industry. Many businesses trust on machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies to derive patterns from any form of data to analyze, monitor, examine, and predict consumer behavior and conduct actions without any individual arbitration. Our ready-made AI and ML solutions assist organizations in building applications and workflows based on open source or proprietary algorithms and frameworks running on cloud, web, or mobile.The solutions can integrate smoothly with different client applications addressing and resolving common use cases...

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Embedded systems / IOT

Embedded systems control most of the automation systems in this technology era, right from home and office automation to consumer electronics to telecommunication to transportation to space exploration. The embedded systems link together to make an IoT – Internet of Things enabling data exchange among prior unlinked devices. At Insyst, we help you create custom, complex embedded systems, and products using innovative software and hardware designs. Our specialization lies in the development of IoT enabled architectural system design and market-ready products. The service offerings cover the following...

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Customized & Ecommerce Applications

At Insyst Labs, we are providing customized e-Commerce applications to create your business online. Be it an online shopping portal, online business site, professional company portal, web and image galleries, or else, our professional developers have the solution to not only build but also get the targeted leads in the stringent time frame. The customized and e-Commerce application services are applicable across different industries such as small businesses, educational, banking, online business industry, e-commerce, media/advertisement, etc. Our solutions cover and categorize as per the following.

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